Honor Yoga Virtual Studio is Bringing Community and Wellness

Directly to Your Living Room!

Honor Yoga has witnessed first-hand the healing power of yoga within our studios, and we are excited to encourage practice as it shifts from the walls of our space and peacefully into homes. We are proud to lead our yogis down a new and exciting path with our live-stream and video on-demand platform, Honor Yoga Virtual Studio! Honor Yoga Virtual Studio connects students to a minimum of 10 real-time classes daily, so you can virtually practice with real Honor Yoga instructors from all over the country! Each Honor Yoga studio has also specifically curated additional classes, workshops, series, and virtual meetups that will be exclusive solely to their members. Every membership gives you access to our video on-demand library, with pre-recorded classes, meditations, and wellness material available to practice anytime, anywhere! In a time where yoga and fitness brands are shifting online, what sets HY Virtual Studio apart from the rest?



HY Virtual Studio allows you to practice in the comfort of your home, in the space you feel safest. Additionally, our daily robust class schedule gives you

an amazing array of options to choose as many classes as you want to participate in, at a time that works best for you. Your membership gives you unique access to studios and instructors from all around the country, allowing you to broaden your class range, experience, and deepen your practice more than ever before.


Class Variety.

The diverse variety of classes allows you to choose the classes you wish, at the time that works best for your schedule. Begin your day with a gentle flow, include your family for kids' yoga in the afternoon, or even try a restorative class at night. Or kickstart your day with Yoga HIIT or YogaBarre and end it with an evening meditation. The choice/time/space is up to you! You are given a unique opportunity to not only experiment with a class you may not have taken before, but also practice with an instructor you’ve been looking forward to practicing with.



Every live-stream class offers all students the ability to share their video and access to their microphone. We also open rooms a few minutes early and remain open after each class to really allow our students and teachers to connect, a connection that is paramount to Honor Yoga’s mission and vision. The conversations that have come out of these moments are filled with solidarity, happiness, and hope. Community and connection are at the heart of Honor Yoga and while we overcome during time of social distancing and overall uncertainty, we are grateful to bring this to you now more than ever.