Mister donut franchise is a multinational company that makes and distributes donuts, coffee, pastries and muffins. Mister donut has many franchises spread across the world. Mister donut franchise is recognized by producing reliable and high quality products for consumption.

Mister Donut franchises are being operated by its franchisees. The franchisees benefit from the franchise in the following ways:

·         Well-known and recognized food brand-Mister Donut franchise produces reliable and high quality donuts that are recognized by people.

·         Low capital investment-Unlike other franchising business, Mister Donut franchise require low amount of money to purchase.

·         Minimum space- Mister Donut franchise requires little space to establish.

·         Easy to operate-Mister Donut is easy to operate and maintain since it does not need much knowledge.

·         Support- Franchisee enjoys support offered by the company. His or her staff members are being trained by the franchisor to help him or her run the business.

·         Expansion opportunity- Franchisee is free to open multiple franchises to expand his or her business. Multiple franchises also double his or her profits.

·         Assistance in site selection- The franchisor assists the franchisee to select a potential site where the business is going to be located.

·         Training support- The franchisee is trained how to prepare the donuts. He or she is also trained managerial and administrative roles.

Mister Donut franchise is affordable. The franchising fee is about $150,000. After paying this amount, you can use the company’s expertise, processes and products. The term of agreement lasts for a period of 4 years but the contract can be renewed.

Mister Donut franchise has different type of shops for its operation. These shops are classified to the space, franchising fees and where they are located. These shops include:

Dine-in hotel

This type of shop requires a floor area of about 25 square meters. The franchising and purchasing fees sum up to $180,000. These shops are located in malls and strategic locations. The shop is known for its warm atmosphere. The foods sold at these shops include donuts, spaghetti, French breadline, coffee and hot chocolate. It is mostly used by people who want to relax.

Take-out hotel

This type of shop requires a floor area of about 4-9 square meters. The franchising fees sum up to $180,000. Minimum investment is $380,000. The shop is located outside and is used for outdoor spaces. It is located outside to serve pedestrians. The foods sold include snacks and refreshments for those coming from different directions. The term of agreement lasts for a period of 4 years but it can be renewed.

Cart or booth shop

This type of shop requires a floor area of about 4-5 square meters. The minimum investment is $290,000 and the franchising fee is $180,000. It is designed to fit a small space and mostly used for indoor trading. The term of agreement expires after 4 years but it can be renewed.