Merle Norman franchise mainly deals in distributing and marketing cosmetics. The cosmetics are of high quality and help women to care for their skins and improve their natural beauty. Purchasing a Merle Norman franchise is very rewarding. The franchising and royalty fees are not paid.

Merle Norman franchise has many branches globally. They produce reliable and high quality cosmetics. Merle franchise offers services to its franchisees. These services are important in starting a new franchise. The franchisees are offered the following:

·         Site selection assistance: The franchisors assist franchisee to look for a potential place where the franchise may be located.

·         Design support: The franchisors work closely with franchisees to design his or her location so that he or may attract many customers. The franchisors decide on the layout and decoration of the building.

·         Opening promotion: The franchisors prepare signage, posters, stickers that are appealing to the customers. The name and brand of the business is promoted.

·         Marketing support: The franchisee is informed of new market outlets, new line of products and marketing strategies. Advertisements are made for the business to gain more recognition.

·         Ongoing support: The staff members of the franchisee are trained to help him or her to run the business. Franchisee is informed of meetings held to help him or her expand his or her knowledge.

·         Continuous supply of products- The franchisee is constantly supplied with cosmetics products to maximize the profits.

To start a Merle Norman franchise, you will need a total amount of $33,100- $168,700. Unlike other franchising business, the term of Merle Norman agreement is open-ended. The company refers its franchisees to lending institutions. The money leased can be used as initial investment.

Merle Norman franchise produces reliable and high quality cosmetics. The franchisee is constantly supplied with these products to make his or her business more competitive. Constant supply of cosmetics enables the franchisee to make many profits. Large number of people who use these products builds a strong market base. The period the products take to go bad is long and can be stored before being sold.

Merle Norman franchise is very rewarding. The franchisee is allowed to own many franchises to double his or her net profits. Purchasing Merle Norman franchise enable you to have financial freedom, own your business, become your own boss and earn extra money. You should have skills in business management and administration to help you run your business. You should also have ability to motivate and train your staff members.