Melting Pot Franchise mainly specializes in serving cheese, desserts, salads, filet mignon, beef, vegetables, fruits, fresh bread, wine, seafood, beverages, lobster tail, breast of chicken and sirloin all prepared in one style.

Melting pot has many franchises that are being owned and operated by its franchisees. Melting Pot offers two types of agreement to its franchisee. These agreements include the following:

·         Area development agreement: The franchisor grants the franchisee the right to develop and operate restaurants in many locations. The franchisee is offered opportunity to double the number of franchises he or she has to maximize profits.

·         Single location agreement: The franchisor grants the franchisee right to develop and operate a single restaurant at a single location. The restaurant can be located to franchisee’s suitable place.


The franchisees benefit offered by the Melting Pot. These offers are very essential to franchisee to operate his or her business. Once you become the franchisee, you are provided with the following:

·         Training: The training is conducted at the franchise’s headquarters in Tampa Florida. The training lasts for a period of two weeks. The franchisee is trained how to manage, train and motivate his or her staff. The franchisee and two members of management must attend the training session. Franchisee can open the Melting Pot upon completion of training.

·         Ongoing support: The franchisee is provided with newsletters, Toll-free phone, grand opening, internet, safety procedures, field evaluations and purchasing cooperatives. His or her staff is being trained to help in running the business.

·         Marketing support: The franchisee is informed on new market outlets, marketing strategies and advertisement to brand his or her business.

·         Territory selection: The franchisee selects where his or her restaurant will be located. The franchisor is in a position to help him or her to identify a potential site.

·         Promotion- Advertisements are made through newspapers or media to sell the business’ brand. Through a series of advertisements and promotions, many customers are attracted.

Melting Pot franchise is affordable. To open a Melting Pot restaurant, you should have a total investment of $876,695-$1,544,965. The franchising fee is $35,000 and royalty 4.5% of the net profit. You should have a net worth $700,000 and a liquid cash of $325,000-$400,000 to be allowed to purchase the franchise. The franchisor does not offer financial assistance to the franchisee but can refer him or her to financial institutions to lend money. There no experience needed to become melting pot franchisee. The length of the franchise lasts for a period of 10 years but it can be renewed.


Melting Pot franchise is a promising opportunity. You earn extra money, become your own boss and gain financial freedom.