Mellow Mushroom franchise is a multi- national company with many eating outlets and restaurants in the world. It has over 100 eating outlets nationwide. It mainly produces pizza, salads, appetizers, calzones and hoagies.

Mellow Mushroom franchise offers the following to franchisees:

·         Training: Training is conducted at the University of Shroom. The franchisors teach franchisees about Front of House, Back of House and administrative roles of running the franchise. Franchisees are also taught to prepare food, place orders, hire and maintain the staff.

·         Support: The franchisee will get support from the franchisor on training his or her staff. The franchisee is informed of new products and market outlets. He or she is assisted with banners, magnets, stickers and business cards.

·         Financial assistance: The franchisors refer the franchisees to financial institutions they lend money to start the business.

·         Site selection assistance: The franchisors assist the franchisee in identifying suitable site for business location. Franchisee selects at least three sites that meet Mellow Mushroom criteria and franchisors come and visit the sites for selection assistance.

·         Marketing analysis- Market research is conducted and the franchisee is informed of the new market outlets and demand for the products.

·         Promotion- Promotions and advertisements are made to sell the business model. The branding of the business name attracts many customers.

·         Protected territories- The franchisor makes sure that the franchisee’s business is located at a secure place.

To start a Mellow Mushroom franchise, you should have a total investment fee of $926,500- $3,100,000. The franchising fee for using the brand name and expertise of the company is $50,000 and a royalty of 5% of the total net profits made.  You must pay all these fees to be allowed to open the franchise. The term of franchise agreement expires after 15 years but the term can be renewed.

Mellow Mushroom franchise is unique. The franchisee is able to his or her restaurant. Unlike other franchising business opportunities, Mellow Mushroom allows the franchisee to own and operate a restaurant fully. The franchisee benefits from the internationally recognized name of the franchise. He or she is informed of the conferences held annually. Such conferences expand the franchisee’s knowledge of how to run the business.


Mellow Mushroom franchise gives you an opportunity to be your own boss, have financial freedom, build a strong relationship with your customers and earn extra money. To run the business successfully, you need to be able to train, motivate and manage your employees properly. All these combined brings your business to success.