Medicine shoppe franchise is a health- based industry. It has many franchises all over the world. It is the world’s leading pharmacy franchisor. The company is dedicated to provide high quality products in retail pharmacy.

Medical shoppe has many franchises that are operated by the franchisees. Medicine shoppe franchise provides its franchisee with the following:

·         High quality pharmaceutical products and services- The franchisees are constantly supplied with superior pharmaceutical products that are more competitive. Services provided are reliable enabling to attract many customers.

·         Support- The franchisees are supplied with newsletters and e-mails to inform them of the new products and technological developments. Franchisee’s staff is being trained by the franchisor.

·         Training- The franchisee is trained how he or she can train and motivate his or her workers. He or she is trained pharmacy, business management, administration among other disciplines.

·         Continuous supply of products- The franchisee is supplied with large amount of pharmaceutical products to increase the franchisee’s net profits.

·         Promotion- The franchisee’s business brand is being advertised. Series of advertisement is being made to sell the business brand to the people.

·         Marketing- The franchisee is informed of new market outlets and ways of marketing the products. Marketing tools and services are provided to the franchisee.

Medical shoppe franchise offers the following services to the franchisee: store development services, care management, administration support, operation support, counseling support and technology enablers.  Medical shoppe franchise benefits many franchisees in many ways for example, you can become your own boss, be in a close relationship with your customers, opportunity to serve people as health specialist and earn extra money.

To start a medical shoppe franchise, you need to have total investment of $74,300-$253,400. The franchising fee is ranges from $10,000-$18,000. The royalty fee is 2%-5.5% of the net profits made. The term of agreement last for a period of 20 years but can be renewed. You are expected to pay these fees to be allowed to purchase a franchise.

A franchisee can purchase existing medicine shoppe pharmacy or open a new one. Franchisee can convert an existing pharmacy into a medicine shoppe franchise. The franchisee pays 4% to 5% of gross sales as a royalty depending on the terms given during agreement.


Medical shoppe franchise is very exciting. The initial deposit is lower compared to franchising other business. There is population explosion increasing the demand for pharmaceutical products. The health products are in high demand making medical shoppe an excellent franchising opportunity.