Classic Handyman Company Franchise

collection of the homes fee. The company was set up in 1996 and has over the years grown. It has maintained a profile of excellent service to all its customers. The techniques and strategies of this company have been tested over the years and they have proved effective.


The company started franchising in 2002 and many franchisees have made their dreams come true by taking advantage of this exciting investment opportunity. They allow you to attract and then sub-contract   the professional of handy men’s and handywomen’s work to serve the home repair needs of your client(s). 


The company has a novel and excellent proprietary program which is designed to change your thoughts on how home repairs and renovations are conducted in the 21st century. The company knows the needs and interests of the US home owners and it offers what they exactly need.


It does not mater whether you have construction background or you do not have; the services of Classic handyman will be offered and delivered to your clients as required. The Classic handyman offers an exiting opportunity of investment through the Classic Handyman Company Franchise.




Why choose Classic Handyman Company Franchise?


The Classic Handyman is involved basically with home improvement. The company has over the many years it has being existence acquired a lot of experience of doing the job. The Classic Handyman Company Franchise has since its inception been tested over the years and found to be classic.


On choosing the Classic Handyman Company Franchise, the franchisees are offered a five day intensive and comprehensive training. This training is offered at the franchisor company headquarters in Nashville. This training is followed by another practical training which is offered at your service center. This latter training is offered for a period ranging between 2 and 4 days.

 The start up cost of this franchise is very low and any wiling entrepreneur or investor can afford it.


To venture in to this wonderful investment opportunity you only need $40,000. The Required Capital is only $30,000 and the total investment: will cost you between $40,000 and $50,000. The Franchise Fee ranges between $14,900 and $29,900. A royalty fee of 6% is also levied.

There is no initial franchisee fee which is required.



The Classic Handyman has tools to assist all the franchise and they include marketing materials which are professionally developed, strength of the franchise band, database management software, the benefits of working in network and in unity, on going support for franchisees and excellent client feed back system.