Capital Business Solutions Franchise


Capital Business Solutions Franchise is a company operating in the industry of business brokerage. The industry is experiencing high growth rate and is not affected by recession. When other sectors are reeling from the negative effects of inflation, the business brokerage sector will be gaining since a good number of entrepreneurs are forced to sell their businesses and will therefore engage business brokers at a certain stage.

A business broker is a consultant who has the skills and knowledge to oversee the selling of a franchise. They also help those who want to purchase businesses in locating them. They are the link between a seller of a business and the buyer and advice both of them about the process.

Huge market

The United States has more than twenty million businesses and in a single year approximately 18% of them change ownership. With about only 3,500 offices providing business brokerage services, the brokerage market is highly untapped and therefore Capital Business Solutions Franchise has huge potential ahead.

Business brokering is a highly earning career where on average a broker takes home commissions amounting to $150,000 to $250,000 annually. They also enjoy other benefits like:

·         The option of either working from home or from an office.

·         Being in charge of their own schedule.

·         Improved way of life.

·         Many avenues of making money.

·         They need no employees.

For any business sold, 10-12% of its price is usually the commission payable to the broker. The industry is normally busy and Capital Business Solutions Franchise is a top performer with brokers under its brand earning six figure amounts! You could become one of them if you buy a franchise with CBS.

For you to succeed as a broker you need a strong partnership with a franchise which will give you essential training and assistance. Capital Business Solutions Franchise is one ideal partner to guarantee you success within the shortest time possible.

CBS should be your choice

·         It is a team of competent brokers.

·         You will go through intensive training.

·         You will be provided with all your start up requirements.

·         It is a respected brand and so franchising with it will earn you creditability.

·         You are supplied with materials for marketing and agreements.

·         There is a database consisting of business sellers and potential buyers which will be made available to you.

·         You will be supported in the course of your work.

·         The CBS website will expose you to clients.


You will need capital of $25,000 to operate under this franchise.