Cap-It Genuine Truckware Franchise


Cap-it Genuine Truckware Franchise is a store that deals with truck accessories. It is located in British Columbia and stocks automobile accessories and equipment. The automobile industry is a highly lucrative sector and with Cap-It being a major player in the industry chances are usually high that the franchise will receive more clients. The industry grows every day opening up numerous opportunities for partners to maneuver and do productive business. In all its locations Cap-It GenuineTruckware Franchise leads in the retailing of canopies and other accessories for trucks.

Many people love and cherish their trucks and owing to the fragile nature and unpredictability of the North American auto industry, majority from Western Canada are abandoning buying of new autos and instead opting to accessorize the ones they have. Cap-It has noticed the changes in how consumers are shifting their trends and increased sales are an indication that indeed the demand for truck accessories is high. And Cap-It stocks genuine ones. Sports equipment for outdoor activities is also becoming popular and accessorizing is cheaper.

Cap-It Genuine Truckware Franchise is poised to gain from increased biking and offroading by supplying the necessary accessories and thus growth is highly foreseen.

Currently the company has nine units. Among these only one is owned by the company and the remaining eight are owned by franchisees. The minimum fee for franchising is $20,000 and the minimum investment is $175,000.

A growing company

·         Cap-It Genuine Truckware has experienced directly the high demand for towing accessories, lifts and racking.

·         There is a 30% projected growth in the brand’s franchising this year.

·         Recently Cap-It opened a mega outlet in Red Deer which has high quality designs and installations for SUVs and servicing of trucks.

Why Choose Cap-It Genuine Truckware Franchise

·         Having been in the truck accessories industry for over thirty years, Cap-It International has huge experience and therefore promises to have the best equipment that there can be.

·         It is a reliable market leader in the whole of North America and its reputation is highly regarded not only in auto circles but everywhere.

·         Among many warehouses dealing in truck accessories, Cap-It is one of those experiencing the fastest growth rates.

·         Our stores offer the customer with many selection options and as far as truck accessories are concerned Cap-It is the best.

·         There is intensive training in automobile operations and since the industry is quite dynamic and unpredictable, it shall offer advice throughout the period of dealing with the franchise.