Do you love kids? Would you like a business opportunity that is fun, exciting and most importantly allows you time with kids? Then the Bounce U franchise opportunity is just what you need. Bounce U provides a party environment where parents and children come to an indoor inflatable arena and take part in a large variety of activities that involve giant inflatable structures. The bounce house as the franchise arenas are fondly referred as is a staple of modern children party and events.

Bounce U playground facilities are usually located in places that have an indoor climate controlled stadiums filled with giant inflatable structures that kids can enjoy as they bounce themselves to good health and fitness. Bounce U not only offers the bounce toys, at the franchises video game arcades and other play equipment are also included. It is the responsibility of the franchises to supervise, coordinate, set up and clean up while parents sit and enjoy watching their kids play.

Bounce U offers a unique business opportunity because demand for children playing facilities is on the increase and will always be as long as there are kids in the country. Bounce U franchises enjoy the following services from us:

v  Multiple revenue streams through various opportunities in the domes all of which are profitable.

v  A unique business opportunity that allows a franchisee to make money as they have fun. The concept is a sure hit with kids and you are assured of repeated customers.

v  The best business support equipment in the country with high quality POS equipment and reservation system.

v  Creative marketing programs through state of the art marketing systems and tools that can be tailor made to suit the franchise location.

v  Reliable supplier relationships:  Bounce U has solid vendor relationships to help cut costs, save money and maximize revenue.

v  Site location assistance; all Bounce U franchises are placed in the best locations that can maximize profits.

v  A proven business model that guarantees success.

How much is a Bounce U franchise?

The initial franchise fee is $40,000. Franchisees also pay a weekly royalty fee of 6%. Bounce U also provides advertising for franchisees and they are required o pay a weekly fee of $125. The contract term goes for ten years with the option of renewal. The total initial investment ranges from $470,950 to 480,950. The Bounce U business model guarantees great profits and growth.

Training and support


Bounce U offers extensive training and support both at company headquarters and at individual franchisee locations. The support team will help you get on your feet and keep you there.