Let’s face it; being fat and overweight poses serious health issues to the obese people. Not many people prefer that lifestyle. Now over weight people have a reason to smile all thanks to the simple fast and effective fat burning diet Bouari Clinic offers to its clients.

 Bouari Clinic franchise is also giving you an opportunity to help out overweight people while still making money from it. This unique franchise opportunity looks and feels great when you know that you are helping out someone to live a healthier life. There is a major need for new franchises to benefit from a health related franchise like Bouari Clinic. It is estimated that up to 68% of the adult population in America is overweight. This creates a market niche with a net worth of more than $44 billion dollars in a year.

The overweight pandemic that has hit the country is on the increase more so among the children. More people are seeking a solution to their weight problem that is why a Bouari-Clinic franchise is just the perfect business opportunity for you. At Bouari health Clinic, clients are helped to lose up to one pound of fat each day without the use of dietary pills or surgery.

Franchise investment

For you to begin operation of a Bouari-Clinic unit franchise, a total investment ranging between $91,550 and $238,000 is needed. This investment the initial franchising fee and all build out costs and working capital.

A Bouari Clinic regional developer franchise requires a total investment of $584,000 for a pilot franchise and $451,000 for a franchise without a pilot phase.

Benefits of Bouari Clinic franchise

By being Bouari Clinic franchisee, you have the daily to capture a larger market share. It is estimated that in the country, only 8% of retail businesses are franchised but these 8% operate more than 40% of the retail operations in the country.

Branding with Bouari Clinic will help you compete with other independent well-established operators. Consumers believe that branded stores offer higher quality products and services.

When the Bouari Clinic system is keenly followed, the franchises are guaranteed success.

Training and support

Training program includes classroom instruction at Bouari Clinic headquarters in Las Vegas. It includes classroom instructions and operation training. The training program is for a period of 5 days which comprise 19 hours classroom work and 17 hours on the job training. Additional refresher courses are also offered from time to time. Support for the franchise is conducted on a daily basis through newsletters and other means.

Other advantages of a Bouari Clinic franchise include:

ü  High income potential

ü  A recession resistant business opportunity

ü  Easy to operate business system

ü  Large market potential

ü  Quality and success of the product

ü  Pride of ownership of the business unit

ü  A high purchasing power.


It is evident that a health related business is a good investment opportunity, so take the chance and join Bouari Clinics efforts at making the country healthy.