Body Fat Test franchise has been providing Body Fat Testing using state of the art technology for over two years . Body Fat Test systems utilise a hydrostatic  weighing module which is the most accurate fat  test. The obesity pandemic in the country supplies a great market for this franchise. The franchise will be a licensed business and therefore is not supposed to pay franchising fees. Body Fat Test mobile testing Clinics can be placed initially in health and fitness centers but as the business grows it can be expanded to be included in hospitals, universities and other high traffic health facilities.

Body test franchise model is designed to make money from the first day the business is started. A franchisee can make money even by working the least amount of time in a week. Other benefits from the franchise include:

Ø  It can be run on a full time, part-time or absentee basis

Ø  It has been proven and can generate a daily income of up to $1800

Ø  There are no overheads and marginal costs increments.

Ø  A flexible daily schedule for when the owner wants to work

Ø  It is a way of rewarding people by helping people stay healthy

Ø  It is fun to move around and meet people and help improve their lives.

Training: Training is provided on all aspects of the business from contacting and partnering with host clubs to operating the equipment and how to handle clients. During the hands on training, the franchisee is taught on how to professionally run tests every ten minutes to minimize time wastage and to maximize profits.

Facilities: A franchisee is provided with a mobile Clinic that is fully furnished and self-contained. The Clinic is built on a truck and is fitted with all that is needed including air conditioning and onboard dressing rooms. The Clinic can operate under any climatic conditions.

Competition: Currently, there is no competition for Body Fat Test franchise services. Franchises are located in 7 states across the country and plans are underway to add more states. Body Fat Test franchises have 9 Clinics on the road and 2 more units are added each year. Interested franchisees are requested to apply before their states have been snapped up. Most of Body Fat Test franchisees also add density scanners and sell supplements to increase their income.


The minimum capital requirement is a minimum total investment of $149,000.