BoardWalk Fresh Burgers and Fries is a family friendly franchise that offers fresh buggers and fries in a beach themed environment. All the fries are cooked in 100% peanut oil and the burgers are always fresh to give customers that great taste that they want and to ensure that they are healthy.

BoardWalk Fresh Burgers and Fries franchises are giving a tasty opportunity for those who want to start their own food joints. BoardWalk Fresh Burgers and Fries has become one of the top franchising opportunities in the market today. The burger craze that has hit the nation makes this franchise opportunity a definite success with over 90% of fast food consumers claiming that they eat burgers occasionally. BoardWalk Fresh Burgers and Fries have over thirty years of brand recognition and are known by millions of people across America.

Franchise support:

Success of the franchises is given top priority at BoardWalk. Owners of board walk Fresh Burgers and Fries franchise stores with the systems and resources that they may need to run successful businesses. Some of the support services offered include:

·         Construction and design help: Most franchisors leave it up to you to come up with the design and do the construction. BoardWalk Fresh Fries will help the franchisee in all phases of the construction and also in interior design.

·         Business coaching for the franchise: The franchisee will be taught on all there is to know about the franchise operations ands how to position his business against competition.

·         Site location: BoardWalk has its own real estate system that will help you with market analysis, site analysis and lease negotiations.

·         Information technology support; IT is the corner stone of most businesses. It determines whether a business is going to be successful or not. With the right IT support a franchise is guaranteed to always be successful.

·         Training on management skills.

·         On site support when opening a restaurant.

·         Operations services.


To become a BoardWalk fresh Burgers and Fries franchisee, one does not need to have any experience in fast food. BoardWalk Fresh Burgers and Fries franchise offers master and multi unit franchise units. The minimum requirement s for a franchise unit is a minimum total investment of $147,000. Third party financing is offered for people who may need financing.  Most of the financing is done by SBA franchise registry which has streamlined eligibility guidelines so as to bring many people on board the program.