Blue Dawg is a pressure washing affiliate of the black Dawg Company. Blue Dawg was launched in 2010 as a result of customer demand for power washing services. In the current state of economy with a shrinking job market, Blue Dawg is the perfect franchising business opportunity for you. The franchises can start small and grow as the business grows. If you take a look around, there are homes and businesses that require the services of a power wash company for a complete clean. To become the owner of a Blue Dawg Power Wash franchise, you should be honest, professional, have a strong work ethic and also be eager to be your own boss.

How Blue Dawg sets you apart from the rest

§  Search engine optimization for your website so as to improve its rankings on the search engines.

§  Unforgettable brand name and logo

§  You get your own home page on the company’s website

§  Killer marketing and advertising campaigns for your business

§  Pay per click advertising  campaign management

§  A toll free number that is answered by the company’s friendly staff.

Blue Dawg franchise is friendly to the military veterans and offer special discounts to them. A franchise package will cost a total of $50,000. Blue Dawg’s royalties are the lowest at just 6%. Financing is available through third party financing. Blue Dawg has a total of three franchising units at the moment but many more applicants that are interested have applied and they are in the process of approval. For this package, you will receive:

§  A service trailer or a box truck

§  State of the art equipment

§  Uniform shirt and hats

§  Business cards and  letterhead

§  Custom business systems

§  Specialized tool s

§  Advertising materials

§  Professional hands on training


The market potential for the business is enormous advisee to take advantage of this wonderful offer. Blue Dawg franchise is committed to the success of all franchises. Blue Dawg extends support beyond the expected standards. While most companies will embark on this important business franchise journey and leave you halfway, Blue Dawg will be with you every step of the way. The company believes that a firm caring hand is as important to a new business as money may be. Blue Dawg Power Wash franchise has a dedicated team which is always on the lookout for a franchisee and is ready to help no matter where you are or what situation you might be facing at whatever time. Blue Dawg Power Wash franchise will offer support even after the initial stages.