AmerLink is one of the largest log home companies in the world. AmerLink franchises are committed to the log home lifestyle as well as helping customers realize their dreams of having their own log homes. AmerLink has been producing quality log homes for over 29 years, currently AmerLink has sold over 5000 units through its signature product line known as In the Woods. AmerLink franchises have an impeccable reputation with a customer satisfaction rate of over 94%.

AmerLink franchise is a great business opportunity for anyone looking to start a log home company. AmerLink franchise will take you through the steps that will enable you get your own franchise business. AmerLink currently has 65 business units signed up with its franchising model. The AmerLink franchise model is simple and suitable to anyone. At AmerLink franchises, the following services are offered to all franchisees:


For one to run a successful franchise one needs a partner who offers unconditional support, AmerLink franchises offer the following support services:


AmerLink Helps you choose the best location for your new franchise business. AmerLink provides guidelines for selection of a site and general terms of a lease agreement to new franchises.


AmerLink gives its franchisers initial training since franchisees are not required to have technical or any other expertise. AmerLink has a training facility located in the company headquarters where most of the training is conducted.  Initial training covers all aspects of how the business can be operated. An operations manual is given to the franchisees that will guide them in areas like bookkeeping, record keeping, operations, recruiting and training employees.


AmerLink has an extensive marketing network that when coupled with its experience and good name will help franchisees net clients as soon as they are set up. A marketing plan that is ideal for each franchisees local market is also given. In addition marketing materials including posters, banners, direct mail postcards and newspaper ads are also given. Franchisees also benefit from national TV ads.


AmerLink is your ultimate franchise name for any one who wants to join the lucrative and environmentally friendly log house business.