AmeriSpec is a company that prides itself in providing the best home inspection services for a period of over 25 years. AmeriSpec franchise gives clients the peace of mind they deserve by knowing that their homes are safe. AmeriSpec does a visual inspection of over 400 household items checking for the presence of any contaminants, mold, carbon monoxide, lead and boron.

If you are looking to start a home inspection business, then the AmeriSpec home inspection franchise is just what you need. AmeriSpec Home Inspection offers the best franchise opportunities in North America with a total of over 350 businesses bearing the franchise brand and inspections of over 150000 home units in a year.  The years the company has been in operation have given it a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to get franchise businesses up and running. AmeriSpec has been franchising since 1953 and offer the following to new franchises:


Franchise owners are given extensive training on the technical, business management and technical aspects that are necessary to help you grow and manage your AmeriSpec home inspection franchise. The training program is undertaken is a state of the art training facility that includes a model house that demonstrates exactly how everything looks when it’s properly installed. The practical training is used to supplement classroom work.

The training takes a period of two weeks. The first week will cover the technical aspects of home inspection. Franchise owners are taught on various methods of compiling reports. The second week is focused on marketing and managing the business. After the two-week course, the franchise owner will have all they need to succeed.


Qualified staff back AmeriSpec franchise support. The franchises are given a dedicated business development manager who is the point of contact for the franchises when they have any problems or questions. Support is also extended to support centers that offer 24-hour assistance. Through this support, a new franchise business is able to start more quickly and efficiently.  AmeriSpec offers many tools to cover the various needs of the new franchises. These tools are an important reason for you to consider joining the AmeriSpec franchise team. AmeriSpec has developed propriety software that aid in scheduling, marketing, data collection and report generation functions.


Real estate agents mostly give awareness for an inspection company. A survey of real estate customers revealed that 98% of the real estate agents recommended AmeriSpec as the best home inspection company. AmeriSpec strives to market to these agents as well as to the end customers. Knowledge gained from these and other surveys are incorporated into the marketing systems to ensure maximum value to all business franchises.



The service master acceptance company (SMAC) finances AmeriSpec home inspection franchises that need financial aid in any way. SMAC will help finance the nuptial fees and they also offer funds to acquire a van incase you may need one. SMAC also provides financing for computers and acquisitions.