Funded in 1950 by a father and his two sons, AmeriClean is among the biggest industry players in providing dry cleaning services in the USA. Initially the company specialized in building and selling dry cleaning units to people who wanted to own their stores. This idea gave birth to the AmeriClean franchises. The company maintains the tradition of quality and dedication that it started in 1950 in all its franchises.

Why AmeriClean?

The dry cleaning industry has one of the highest success rates among new small businesses. One of the secrets of success in AmeriClean is the experience the company has spent the last 60 years building.

Financial benefits

The AmeriClean franchise opportunity offers one of the lowest cost dry cleaning businesses around. AmeriClean only requires a minor investment from you. AmeriClean also offers low financing rates, low down payments and a secured investment opportunity. The simple franchise models ensure that you get what you want out of your business.

Benefits of he franchise stores

The stores are not labor intensive; this is achieved through the automation of most of the cleaning processes and through use modern equipment

Stores are custom decorator designed to give you that quality sophisticated look.

Family oriented and flexible business hours: This means that the franchisee has the time to attend to other matters.

Absentee ownership viability: An owner can still maintain his position even if he has appointed an operations manager.  

Available opportunities:

AmeriClean offers four business packages for its franchises

Business package A- This is a full package that includes all the equipments and fixtures that are necessary for the franchise to operate as a full function stand-alone store. This package is designed to accommodate the business in a new location. The total investment on this plan is $208,000

Business package B – This package is designed to support the construction of a full stand alone store plus accommodate two additional drop stores. The total investment for this option is $262,900

Business package C – This is an entry-level package designed for a facility for a franchisee who wants to source his cleaning from elsewhere. It is also ideal for large franchises wanting to create drop off pains for their businesses. Total investment is $59,900.

Metropolitan package – This package includes a commercial plant plus two drop off stores. The plant contains all of the equipment and fixtures necessary t service the plant plus the drop off stores. Total investment for this option is $489,900.


AmeriClean offers advice for new franchises on the best package to choose depending on the capabilities of the storeowner.