If you are looking for a business that will net you maximum earnings even during a recession, then look no further than AmCorp management Inc franchise.  During the recent recessive trends in the market, AmCorp grew by over 300% while most of the other businesses closed shop. With an AmCorp franchise, you get an opportunity to be part of an industry that has no costly overheads, no salaries to pay, absolutely no royalties and very little competition.

What is AmCorp’s formula for success?

AmCorp has a methodical and practical approach to client development and business referrals. Franchises get an opportunity to utilize expert proprietary marketing and management systems that guarantee endless supply of clients and referrals. AmCorp management franchise is reputed to be the leader in expense management systems in the country. AmCorp has been highlighted on four major business networks including CNN and Fox business.

Facts about the industry

Their landlords overcharge over 80% of all commercial tenants. 90% of all commercial real estate vendors unknowingly overpay their taxes.  At AmCorp management Inc franchises, clients are provided with a no cost and no risk expense analysis. AmCorp franchises are only paid when they have successfully unveiled new revenues for the clients business, fortunately the success rate is over 80%.

There is never a shortfall of clients for AmCorp management franchises, every business in America either is leasing or owns their property. The commercial worth of all property in the USA is over 3 trillion dollars. All these commercial buildings are potential clients for Am franchise.   Today, more and more businesses require management expertise; there is virtually no other business that offers services that AmCorp does so there is basically no competition in a large market.

 Why join AmCorp?

The answer to that question lies in the benefits that will be accorded to AmCorp’s franchises, the benefits include:


AmCorp doesn’t just offer basic training; the state of the art training system at the institution is unmatched. Each member receives free two day training and weekly training calls where leaders come around franchises training the owners on successful ideas and practices.

Solid foundation

For a business franchise to be successful, they need to have a solid partner through the initial stages of their business. AmCorp has experience from over 25 years in the business. AmCorp’s services have helped over 10000 clients recover over $700,000,000. Support for a franchisee is offered every step of the way. With AmCorp, these other benefits will also be accorded:

·         very low start up costs

·         a great and innovative marketing program

·         proprietary business development program

·         huge profit margins

·         personalized website for your business

·         marketing material and support

·         sales assistance and training

·         business laptop computer

AmCorp management franchise also offers financing for those who may need financial assistance.