ACFN is the only ATM franchise in the whole of North America focused on providing services to hotels and other travel and entertainment based businesses. An ACFN franchise business is the right investment opportunity for any individual who wants to develop a business with a recurring revenue stream within the financial services sector. ACFN has over a decade in services and more than a decade of experience in the services sector.

Why an ATM franchise business?

An AFCN ATM franchise is a business with a lasting impact and an opportunity to grow. An ATM business can be done as a part time franchise and will help you earn more without interfering with your current income sources. The ACFN franchise model can be scaled to meet a person’s specific situation. This model will help a franchisee start small as well as allow room for expansion when you have gained confidence, knowledge and experience and want to expand.

How does it work?

The ACFN program provides customers with the power and convenience of performing their financial transactions anywhere anytime. As a franchisee, you are provided with a unique and very profitable approach to the electronic financial services.

Training and support

A franchisee will be taught how to own and operate a network of ATMs to be placed strategically in travel and entertainment based businesses where clientele can appreciate the benefit of the services.  A franchisee will maintain complete ownership of the equipment even though they operate in other businesses premises. The facilities are placed at no cost to the host premises. The host receives a share of the revenues generated from using the facility.

ATM locations

The ATMs are placed on areas where there is high traffic of a specific clientele. Networks are build on a promise that no matter where the s are [placed, there is a guarantee of high returns. The major locations for the ACFN ATMs are:

Ø  Hotels

Ø  City properties

Ø  Sports clubs

Ø  Night clubs

Ø  Billiard clubs

Ø  Theaters

Ø  Restaurants and breweries.

Benefits of ACFN franchise system

The franchisee will benefit from the following services that are offered at no cost:

Market research: ACFN does market research on behalf of the franchisee by accessing national databases of businesses and finding the businesses that meet the placement criteria.  The franchisees are provided with a list of these businesses within an agreed radius of operation.

Professional marketing materials: ACFN ATM franchises are provided with marketing materials that are professionally designed to help interest prospective businesses and securing contracts fir placement.

Marketing; ACFN has a team of marketers who work with the franchisee to contact and contract the best locations for placements of the ATMs.

ACFN also plans Scheduling and completing of installations on behalf of the franchisee. The support is to ensure correct programming of all parameters. Complete monitoring and service support after installation is also provided.


Anyone can own an ACFN franchise: The training will ensure that you learn all that you need for your business. A franchisee gets there income through third party transactions. The banks provide theses fees.