Ace Hardware

An Ace franchise opportunity is the perfect business opportunity for you. An Ace Hardware store is much more than just a hardware store; it is an international brand name while at the same time managing to be your next door neighbor.  Ace Hardware has grown in the 80 years it has been in operation from a small band of stores to a franchisor with over 4500 stores in over 70 countries across the globe. Ace Hardware Franchise’s reputation as the place to get the tools and knowledge to builds their future is incomparable to any other hardware store.

The Ace difference

Ace unlike other franchises is a retailer owned cooperative. What does this mean for you? An ace franchisee is the owner of the cooperation. In addition to being the owner of this exclusive corporation, no franchising fees and no royalty is charged on the franchisees. A portion of the corporation’s profits will also be distributed back to the franchisees every year. By being a part of the number one distribution corporation in the hardware store category, you will have the power of collective buying therefore you will always be selling at lower prices to your consumers. Ace Hardware Franchise is unlike any other opportunity available for you in the world; they offer a unique ace incentive package to qualified applicants for the franchise.

Ace incentive package

The exclusive ace package is an incentive worth more than $195,000. The incentive includes:

Ø  A comprehensive training program

Ø  A complete store design

Ø  Store set up services

Ø  Assistance for a grand opening

Ø  An inventory discount of $110,000.

The package is designed to prepare the franchisee for ownership and can drive down the total investment by up to 20%. In addition, if you decide to open additional stores, you get an enhanced incentive package.

How much will the franchise cost you?

A potential Ace Hardware Franchisee will first pay a $5000 membership application fee, and then a further $5000 is paid for initial stock ownership. The total investment for a franchisee will be between $650,000 and $1 million. Ace will help you finance more than 70% of the total investment in addition to the exclusive incentive package. All a franchisee has to do is come up with the initial down payment which is 30% of the total investment.

Training and support

As an Ace Hardware Franchise owner you get the support and knowledge from a dedicated and experienced team of experts who help the franchisee gain training in the exclusive market. There rate several training programs available for an Ace Hardware Franchise owner. The major training program is known as top gun and is available for both new and existing members. The top gun training program will teach basic hardware operations for five consecutive days.