The Academy for Science and Mathematics is a premier tutoring company in North America. They assist a wide variety of students, including those who want to maintain good grades and those who are experiencing problems with school work. By helping students excel in class work, the tutors are giving them the confidence and skills to succeed in the home environment and also in their future careers. To prepare students for everyday challenges, it is essential that problem areas receive prompt attention. Basic concepts are the core of education, if a student does not understand these concepts at an early stage, then a gap will be created in these subjects as the student progresses. When there is a gap, the student naturally loses interest in the subjects and will continuously fail. Academy for Mathematics and Science franchises help students to bridge this gap and to ensure that they understand and enjoy their learning experience.

Academy for Mathematics and Science has been in operation for 13 years and has developed a formula that is proven to be comprehensive for both the student and the tutor. The Academy also has a turnkey tutoring system that will lead a new franchisee to success. There are already more than 50 franchising units bearing the Academy’s brand name and their success is proof enough that the Academy of Science and Mathematics franchises are backed by a winning team.

Why choose Academy for Science and Mathematics?

A franchisee is first accorded a two week intensive training program that will be conducted at the franchisors training Academy. The training course will include:

·         State of the art marketing skills

·         How to conduct comprehensive parent student interviews

·         Comprehensive communication skills

·         Art of mastering andf implementing administration skills

·         Art of conducting fair student evaluations

·         Art of competent financial management

·         How to hire and train competent staff.

Is that all?

No, that is not all. In addition to the positive skills offered at the training school, a franchisee will also get the following:

·         A proven operating formula that has been time tested to be successful in over fifty institution

·         Support of the Academy’s brand name

·         An international math tutoring system that will improve math abilities by up to two grades in six months

·         A business with a growing client base due to referrals from satisfied customers

·         Reasonable operating hours

·         A pitfall free operation

·         Professional support that is only a phone call away for solutions to any problems on a daily basis for the entire existence of your franchise.


By choosing to be an Academy of Science and Mathematics franchisee, you will be helping enrich the lives of future generations while ensuring your own financial success.