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About WORRIED BIRD WINDOW WASHING & SCREENS Liquid Capital Needed: $20,000


Why a Worried Bird Franchise?

You Deserve Better. That’s Why.

If you’re not a business owner your whole life can change from 2 words; “you’re canned”, “you’re fired”, “we’re done” or any combination of words. Whatever it may be, employment is ALWAYS vulnerable.

Whether it’s a boss or Uncle Sam, there’s almost always someone calling the shots except you.



Our services are “essential” and needed. We’re part of a $10B annual industry and building a company that gives YOU the control of your own future is what we’re all about. The employment world is uncertain and vulnerable but as an “essential” business owner in a Worried Bird franchise, the control is back in your hands. Confidence about your future comes from taking action and we have a plan.

Your earning potential is much greater as well as your freedom to do what you want. Our system is made so simple so that you can either grow with multiple crews or be a one man band. Grow it to sell or to eventually become an extra income stream as you do something else. It’s entirely up to you.



What Are We Made Of?

Build On A Strong Foundation

Ultimate Simplicity

The Gig Rig is designed to offer you choices and flexibility while growing your business. We’ve taken the very best techniques, best technology and experience from thousands of jobs and brought it all together into one platform simple enough for almost anybody. This gives you a profitable, sustainable and flexible Gig you can count on whether that’s full time, part time or scaling with multiple crews.

Intelligent Training

Worried Bird Academy, our online learning platform & intranet contains many short video training courses on operations, customer service, to managing your client base and growing your business as well as your employees. It’s integrated with each Gig Rig for “in field" training too. Connect with other franchisees through the internal communications feed & messaging to learn what others are doing and how.

ExtraOrdinary Culture

We operate under the Give Give Give approach, which means we over deliver on everything we do. ExtraOrdinary service, equipment, follow up and people - this is the strategy for our success. It leads to more sales, more profits and more loyal clientele.



We don’t stop there:

Powerful Internal Systems

Sales Automation


Marketing Automation

Business Intelligence

Financial Insight

Security & Independence



How Will I Make Money?

Multiple Revenue Streams - with repeating revenue streams for both commercial and residential, you will have consistent, predictable income throughout the year.

Above The Curve - Learning curves are minimized by repeat business as well so profit margins become even greater with the returning clientele.

A Leg Up On The Competition - Most competitors in our space hunker down during the winter season, so this services variety gives you a major competitive advantage.


Our Year Round Services Include:

Window Washing

Pressure/House Washing

Holiday Lighting

Gutter Cleaning

Screen Repair

Glass Coatings



Forge The Ordinary Into Extraordinary

We exist to give franchisees more power and control over their own income. It’s flexible to run as an ExtraOrdinary single operator or to scale with multiple crews across many territories. The choice is yours.

So, whatever route you took to get here... We’re glad you did. Welcome!

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