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About VOOTU Liquid Capital Needed: $42,400

Energy Conservation is in demand! Get started today with a Vootu Energy Saving Business.

Become your own boss, providing in-demand services that’s guaranteed to save every client money.

Tap into the unlimited market of Energy Management and become your own boss.

Commercial buildings are known for consuming the majority of the world’s energy usage. Corporations are operating inefficiently by unknowingly wasting a substantial amount of energy daily. Electricity costs are consistently rising at 3% annually, yet most people blindly pay their monthly bill without verifying accuracy or realizing how much of their energy consumption is waste. Vootu has developed a comprehensive risk-free solution for business owners to become energy efficient without any cost or added burden.


The science of energy conservation is complex, but becoming a vootu franchisee is simple. Experience in the field of energy is not required; all technical knowledge is covered in our 10 day training program.

Vootu is seeking motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial passion that recognizes the huge potential in the growing green industry and is ready to capitalize on it. Franchisees replicate our B2B service of energy efficiency, helping businesses in their area save money and positively impact the environment. Who do you know that wouldn’t want to save money?

How much does it cost for a vootu Franchise?

The franchise fee is an incredible value with a low entry point. The fee covers variable expenses such as training, corporate visitation and a starter-kit. We have two franchise models:

Complementary Model

  • A vootu business can easily complement an existing business.

Standard Model

  • Opening a new startup vootu business.

A breakdown of the Investment Model costs will be available after a prospective Franchisee fills out the initial application and is accepted. We believe we have the best value proposition for a franchise operation.


What do we do?

Vootu has developed thousands of energy saving programs for every type of industry with the primary goal of increasing profits without increasing budgets. By completing an energy analysis of a location, we are able to recognize and determine the savings potential for each client. We expose the main energy hogs:

  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration
  • Air conditioning
  • Motors

We have always designed and engineered our products in-house, and stand behind our technologies by creating the most energy efficient devices on the market. Our proven business model lowers the client’s electric bill indefinitely, minimizes their carbon footprint, and improves their bottom line. Franchisees follow our strong business model and proven methodology to provide increased profits to organizations in their area. 


Stop searching for new business ideas and join a franchise whose services are in high demand today.

In a world that is always looking for ways to save money, energy saving solutions are the BEST WAY for commercial building owners to SAVE THOUSANDS ON THEIR ELECTRICITY BILLS.

If you want to join the Industry Leading Energy Saving Solutions Company, we’re looking for unique individuals that share our passion for energy conservation and are driven to help commercial businesses increase profits by reducing needless energy waste.

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