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Be a dealer for Redeckit with products that combine beauty and long lasting toughness. Decorative overlay is simple, quick and an inexpensive way to change bad concrete into a beautiful look that will increase property value- Request more information today.

Growing Demand

No contractors license or construction experience required!  You are about to learn of the unlimited potential available to a Redeckit dealer and the income a dealer can make in residential and commercial property.  With billions of square feet of bad concrete in the US and the limited options for property owners, management companies and commercial property owners, decorative overlay is a simple, quick and inexpensive way to change bad concrete into a beautiful designed look that will increase property value!

What Is Decorative Concrete Restoration? 

Decorative concrete restoration (DCR) is the process of taking existing concrete that is stained, cracked and damaged and making it look beautiful while at the same time strengthening the concrete itself.  The appeal of DCR is that you avoid the removal of old concrete and the pouring of new concrete but most importantly, the finished concrete is a work of art. 

Is There An Opportunity?

Redeckit will change your business and residential look for years to come. Take a look around.  There is concrete everywhere you look, both inside and outside, and the percentage of concrete that has been restored is, we feel safe saying, less than 1%.  Who do you know that has ever done decorative concrete restoration? 

Probably no one, and the reason is simple.  Most homeowners and businesses do not even know it is an option.  They think of concrete restoration as jackhammers, dust and pouring wet cement.  Think of all the money that home owners, businesses, office complexes, entertainment venues, schools, hospitals and more spend to fix their concrete over and over. This is a big market!

So the real potential for the sale is when you educate your customers! What if you told them you could not only give any surface a gorgeous look, but the material used has stood up to Canadian winters!  Spills, traffic and weather will have no chance.  Then for the knockout blow - this won't have to be replaced every five or ten years.

Is It A Complicated Process?

No – in fact the first email we send you will show several short installation videos.  Anyone can do it.  It is QUICK, SIMPLE and EASY!

How Much Can I Earn Per Job?

This is where the Redeckit dealership shines. Let's take an example of a small job of 500 square feet.  A job of this size will take about 3 days working 4 hours each day.  Your cost for material and labor is $4 sq ft or $2,000 only job related costs.  This means if you charge $7 per square foot, your gross profit is $1,500.  This allows you to compete with anybody, but here is the best part - the industry average for DCR over the last 20 years is over $8 per square foot! 

Now of course you are going to want larger jobs as well!  So if you had a 2,000 square foot job, your job costs would be $5,500 in product.  If you charged $7 per square foot your gross profit is $8,500.

Here Is What We Provide:

Exclusive territory from 250k to 1 million plus population.

Onsite training - we come to your territory for personal training.

Materials, products, equipment are included - enough material with initial cost to recoup entire investment.

Marketing tools, DVDs, brochures and samples for you to do in-home presentations.

10,000 6 panel color brochures mailed to the zip code of your choice. These mailers should bring $40k to $60k in revenue.

The average time it takes our dealers to recoup their investment is 60-90 days.

How Do I Get Jobs?

We send out 10,000 mailers initially to get you 12 to 15 jobs!

So you are thinking about buying a business and, let's be honest, you are probably looking at a lot of opportunities all promising to "get you jobs" and "market for you."  Well, here is a secret some of them don't want to admit.  The greatest product in the world and the greatest marketing "system" in the world aren't going to get you enough jobs to be successful in any business unless you believe in and work the job.  It really comes down to you and we are not afraid to say it. 

Why Redeckit?

In an industry where the market is virtually untapped there is going to be competition. There are a number of reasons we might be the best fit for you.  Although our parent company is 35 years old, the Redeckit product and system is only five years old and the new expansion gives you the rare opportunity to have a designated exclusive territory right where you live!  Now don't confuse new with untested.  Redeckit was developed by our founder with 40+ years of experience in the concrete overlay and stamping industry.  And our factory in Central NY has been selling and installing Redeckit for the last five years in some of the harshest freeze thaw conditions around.

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