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How I built My ATM Business with 45+ Locations?

Over the years I have had much success working with ACFN marketing team which has resulted in my little business growing to 45 locations.  In the last two years I started marketing to some of the locations that I previously rejected due to their external appearance or because they seemed too small at the time. I would like to share how we found these locations and to encourage you to look for similar opportunities to grow your ATM business.

It all started with ACFN’s marketing team. They assigned a little BP gas station to me for a marketing drop. I made the drop and was soon installing an ATM there. After a couple of months went by I received a call from the owner of the BP station. He told me that his sister was having problems with her ATM provider at another store and that it was very busy and always running out of money. Quickly, I made an appointment to speak with her and soon had an ATM installed there. As mentioned before I had in the past turned down similar locations due to their poor outward appearance and this building was in that category. If it were not for all the cars outside it would have passed for an abandoned building. Happily, this turned out to be one of my best locations averaging 300 transactions/month. After a couple months there the owner told me that they needed an ATM at another country store and soon I had installed one there; this one averaging 250 transactions/month.  This led to an installation at another country store that is averaging 350 transactions/month.

I think you can see where this is leading. A lot of convenience store owners are family members that own multiple stores. If you provide good service they will continue to use your business and recommend you to other store owners.

The main message I wanted to convey is that there are thousands of gas stations/country stores nationwide and hundreds in your local area that could also be good locations. The best ones to target are country stores that are isolated by terrain and are located just outside the perimeter of cities. I have found these types of country stores/gas stations to  be a good market for an ATM.
Bryan D - ACFN Franchisee


Are You: looking for a business that can be operated working a few hours a week to build a long term residual income?

ACFN, the ATM Franchise business, has developed hundreds of franchises using a proven turnkey system. We hold you by the hand and together we build your successful business.

We find qualified locations in your area, negotiate and obtain the contracts for the placement of your ATMs focusing mainly on high end locations like large hotels and other travel & entertainment venues.

You own and operate your ATM network investing a few hours a week.

•  No Overhead
•  No Employees
•  No Selling
•  Manage Your Business From Home
•  Make Your Own Flexible Schedule
•  Low Cost High Return Business Opportunity

ACFN is a premier deployer of ATMs in hotels and other travel and entertainment based businesses since 1996. We franchised in 2003 and have since been recognized as the#1 Franchise in the Misc. Financial category by the prestigious Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for the last two years and by many other publications including Inc. Magazine,Franchise TimesMilitary Times Best Franchises for Vets and All­Business.­com.

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